Bathroom Design in Limited Space

Designing Small Bathrooms

Small, awkward, disjointed and generally weird are some of the words used by customers to describe their bathroom. The bathroom layout has been set for many years. The only option, it would appear, is to add more plumbing connections and knock out walls. Expensive.

However, there are other ways to transform small or unusual shaped bathrooms into a design you can be proud of. Some are intended for those with limitations in their budget and some for the more outlandish.

Bathroom Changes on a Budget

Working with the existing bathroom layout is always best if you’re on a budget. For smaller bathrooms you can create the illusion of space using colours and mirrors. Use neutral colour schemes such as whites or creams for your décor throughout. Adding mirrors are also great to ‘open’ the room up and make it appear bigger. Adding a small wash basin along with mini mixer taps is a clever way to get all you need and not have to compromise on space.

Go a Little Further…

Customers tend to think their only option is to purchase expensive custom-made shower units and fixtures. However, this may not always be the case. Shower units now incorporate more intelligent designs and are no longer just square shaped cubicles. Designs for shower cubicles now include D shaped, rectangular and completely round.

Why not visit our shop or browse our shower enclosures online to find a ready-made option that can work just as well.

If you are brave enough to take the bath out of the bathroom, you could consider a shower wet room. This is a great way to create more space with plenty of fixtures to go with, such as wall hung sinks and toilets. Again, making sure your bathroom is functional for you and your family whilst also maintaining a contemporary style so you can keep up with the joneses!