Traditional or Contemporary Bathrooms

Bathroom Design - Traditional v Contemporary

When that time comes around for looking at a new bathroom suite or just looking for a new basin or taps its essential that it all matches. There can be nothing worse than adding contemporary sleek taps to an older mature looking basin or bath or trying to match traditional looking taps with modern chrome towel rails and stainless steel door handles.

Questions need to be considered such as will my fixtures and fittings match in colour? Will rounded shaped fittings look at home with my huge square basin? Will buying larger sized taps overwhelm my dinky sink? Most importantly does my Victorian style wallpaper match the red hot, futuristic looking taps that I have my eye on.

Getting it right is essential to allow for balance and harmony in your bathroom. You are looking for functional and stylish to create an extension of your personality and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. There are some great designs available and here’s some information to help you decide whether you are a traditional or contemporary kind of girl/guy.

Traditional bathrooms

Traditional bathrooms can be sophisticated and classic and offer styles that reflect on the Victorian or Edwardian era. The great designs boast elegant free standing baths, Pedestal Sink, Porcelain Toilets and rooms with lots of light tiling and natural light to create an illusion of space.

Contemporary /modern bathrooms

Contemporary /modern bathrooms can be luxurious in design with a Minimalist uncluttered look of clean lines and lavish accessories. Designs can include spa style baths with waterfall taps, marble stone basins and wall hung toilets. The contemporary look can be completed with upscale amenities, heated towel rails and a neutral feel to your lavish retreat.